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Internship Regulations

  DMC Regulations for Internship

Completion of Internship training for 1 year (365 days) at a recognized institution is mandatory, for the college to issue the MBBCh degree certificate to a graduate who has passed all exams including the Final MBBCh exams.

All DMC students are provided the option of doing the internship at DHA for which she has to comply with the regulations of application to DHA.

Internship in an external institution
If a student wishes to perform her complete internship elsewhere, she should ensure that the following criteria are fulfilled by the concerned internship program

  1. If the institution is in UAE, the institution and program should be one that is accredited and recognized by the UAE government as a valid internship for MBBCh degree.
  2. If in a GCC country, the institution/program should be one that is approved by the GCC government.
  3. If in any other country, the internship program should be recognized and accredited for internship by the national education/health authority of the country.

Duly attested true copy of the internship completion certificate from the Ministry of Foreign affairs and UAE embassy should be submitted for the student to apply for a degree certificate.

Transfer of part of internship to an external Institution
In exceptional cases where a student doing internship in UAE and needs a transfer to an internship program in an external institution, she has to obtain prior written approval from DMC for such transfer. Only then will she be able to get her degree certificate from DMC after completing 12 months of internship. 

The application for transfer will be considered for approval ONLY if all the following criteria are fulfilled:   

  1. Application should be submitted at least three months prior to the anticipated date of transfer. The application should contain all details of postings planned for the total duration of 12 months.
  2. The duration of internship applied for in the external center should not be more than 2 months (electives) of the total duration of internship.
  3. The external center should be recognized and accredited for internship by the national education/health authority of the country in which the center is located. The student has to provide supporting documents to prove the accreditation status of the center so that the decision will be made by the Dean.
  4. It is the onus of the student to provide duly attested documents showing completion of all the requirements for 12 months to the get MBBCh degree.


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