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Teaching Facilities

I. Pre-Clinical Phase

The following facilities are available in the College:

  1. Lecture halls: duly equipped with the two types of Projectors, audio and videocassettes, educational charts and Computers.
  2. Laboratories:
    1. Biochemistry Laboratory: It is provided with -
      1. Equipment for training on laboratory diagnostics (chemical tests), such as scales, centrifugal machines, ovens, water baths, calorimeters, pH meter, flame photometer, etc.
      2. Chemicals: all chemicals necessary for chemical diagnostic tests for various diseases.
    2. Histology Laboratory: It is provided with a number of electrical light microscopes for each student, binocular teaching microscope and explanatory slides on various body systems for the study of normal organ tissues and cells.
    3. Parasitology Laboratory: It is provided with explanatory slide packages for nearly all pathogenic parasites that affect human body.
    4. Pathology Laboratory: It is provided with electric microscopes accompanied by explanatory slide packages for all diseases that affect the human body for a study of Histo- pathology. Macrodome has also been made available for the preparation of slides.
    5. Physiology Laboratory: It is provided with various appliances, such as ECG apparatus, Stethoscopes, Haemocytometer, Respirometer, Sphygmomanometer, Oscillograph, Westergereen Tubes for ECR Chymographs.
    6. Microbiology Laboratory: It contains sterilization devices, incubators, ovens, microbe culturing plates, culturing media and explanatory slides.
  3. Pathology Museum: It is provided with a large number of gross specimens of different organs affected by the diseases as already discussed in theoretical lectures.
  4. Anatomy Section: It is provided with human bodies for dissection. Human bones, skeletons as well as plastic models for various organs, X-rays, scanned pictures, videotapes and CDs for human body are also available as teaching aids for students.
  5. Library: It is rich in Medical textbooks, journals, periodical, literature published by the WHO as well as other prominent institutions.
  6. Computer Department: The Central Computer Laboratory is equipped with a good number of computers with a Projector as a teaching aid. Highly qualified teachers have been engaged to teach computers. Internet facilities have been provided to all the members of the teaching staff to enable them to interact with the libraries and universities of the world. All medical periodicals are also available on the computer diskettes.

II. Teaching Facilities at the Clinical Phase

Clinical teaching program has been instituted by the Department of  Dubai Health Authority  (DHA). Clinical teaching is done mainly at the following centers: Rashid Hospital, Latifa Hospital, New Dubai Hospital, and Primary Health Center, Dubai. Teaching facilities in these centers are quite comprehensive, advanced and up-to-date. They include wards for the patients, clinics, health centers, operation theatres, laboratories and diagnosis facilities, such as X-Ray, cross-sectional rays, TV photography, nuclear medicine, microbes, biochemistry, blood analysis, and genetics, etc.

The faculty members and students benefit from these facilities through co-ordination with the management of hospitals and clinical departments.

Pathology department at the New Dubai Hospital provides a number of pathologic models, slides and microscopic slides with detailed description. These slides assist students in their study under the guidance and supervision of consultants in the Pathology Department. There is a continuous supply of samples to the Pathology Museum in the Dubai Medical College. Departments of Hematology, Microbiology and Genetics are considered important to support the educational process. Anatomical models are also available for special sessions, and the number is ever increasing.

Photography Services in the DHA hospitals provide the staff with slides on special request.

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