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Pre-Clinical Department - Islamic Fiqh

Department of Islamic Fiqh

The Islamic Fiqh Syllabus is one of the prerequisites of study in Dubai Medical/Pharmacy College.

One hour per week through all the years of the course is to be devoted to its study. It includes:-

The Faith

  • Deep understanding of the essence of servitude (عبودية) towards Allah.
  • Relationship between real life and the meaning flowing from one’s understanding of the real meaning of servitude to Allah.

Laws of Shariah concerning Economy, Politics and Social Affairs:-

  • Realization that the essence of servitude to Allah lies in allowing what Allah has made lawful (halal) and forbidding what Allah has made unlawful (haram)
  • Knowledge of important commandments of Islam regarding political affairs.
  • Knowledge of important Islamic injunctions regarding financial matters.
  • Knowledge of important Islamic teachings laws concerning the responsibilities of persons working in medical and pharmaceutical professions.
  • Position of Shariah in respect of contemporary problems, e.g. transplantation of body organs, cloning, plantation of embryo, clinical death, etc.
  • Knowledge of human soul (conscience or psyche) as spelled out by Allah in the Qur’an.
  • Knowledge of the exemplary character of some of the personalities that became proverbial for their adherence to Faith and Islamic values.

Dr. Jenan
Ph.D in Islamic Sharia
Lecturer (Arabic)
Tel: +971-4-2646465

Dr. K.P. Safeeya
Ph.D in Islamic  Sharia
Lecturer (English)
Tel: +971-4-2646465

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