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White Coat Ceremony 2017

04 Oct 2017:

White Coat Ceremony - Batch32 :

The White Coat Ceremony creates an important focus for students entering medical school. In the presence of family, friends and faculty members, student-physicians are welcomed into the medical community and are “cloaked” with their first white coats.

The Student union members and other volunteers had an introductory session with the first year students where they were given a brief idea about the college and the rules. The white coats were distributed alongside goodie bags. After a brief “breaking the ice” session, the students were given a tour around the campus, and then taken to the round hall to attend the main function.

 The session started with a recitation from the Holy Qur’an. This was followed by a speech from father Saeed Bin Lootah, the founder of the college. It also included welcoming speeches by the deans of both the colleges and the first year toppers of DMC and DPC.

The first year students then stood up to recite the most auspicious medical oath, an obligation of a lifetime of every medical student and doctor. The Students also pledged to uphold the values and honor of Dubai Medical College.

This was followed by various video presentations highlighting the major events conducted at both the colleges, throughout the year.

 After the conclusion of the ceremony, all the students and their parents as well as the faculty members were escorted to the cafeteria and the makeshift tent, for a sumptuous lunch.


The Day started with the orientation for the new students as they take a step into their educational career.



The Day started with the orientation for the new students as they take a step into their educational career




Beginning the White Coat ceremony with a few verses from the Holy Qura’n





A few words  from Haj. Saeed Lootah Before we start our auspicious year ahead





Prof. Mohammed Galal El Din, Dean of Dubai Medical College giving an inspiring speech to the next generation future doctors.






The topper of the previous year motivates the new students to face the hurdles ahead without fear and move on





The White Coat Ceremony is concluded with a vote of thanks wishing the Medical Students All the best for their journey ahead




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