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06 Dec 2017:

Report by – Lubna Lutfi and Reem Mohammad Saleem

HIV awareness event was held on campus, at the round hall on Tuesday, the 21st of November, students of year 1,2 and 3 attended as well as our respected doctors.  The program of the event consisted of a welcoming speech by our hostess Rawan Mehanna, in which she welcomed the attendees and called for the first speaker who happened to be Dr Sahar AbdulMaqsood, associate professor of community medicine n DMCG. Dr Sahar spoke about the Epidemiology of AIDS and Stigma & Discrimination of HIV patients.

The 2nd speaker of the day was Dr. Hassan Al.Shuori who discussed the Management of HIV in family medicine setting.

He spoke about the virus in so many different aspects; he mentioned the prevalence of the disease, the screening tests done to immigrants in the UAE, and the regular checkups that are done to detect this disease causing virus. He also spoke about the modes of transmission, the treatments available and a vaccine that is currently found on clinical trials.  He mentioned about the support groups and educational sessions held in the clinics of Dubai targeted to those who have the disease in order to educate them about it. And lastly, He explained in detail about the microbiology of this virus; the morphology of the virus, how it enters the host cells and the changes it makes in order for the disease to occur.


The final speakers of this event were Noura Suhail, a second year student, and Shamsa Waleed, a first year student, who presented research papers titled Experience of HIV VCT in Antenatal Women at Tertiary Health Center of North India and An Assessment of Compliance with Michigan Public Health Statutes, respectively.


The final part of the event was an interactive question and answer panel for anyone who had any doubts or inquiries regarding the matter, which Dr. Hassan, Prof. Samia and Dr. Sahar would answer.

The event was concluded with taking a memorable picture and presenting certificates.











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