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Talent show report

06 May 2018:

On Sunday 8th of April 2018, the 2nd talent show, titled “DMC FEST” was held in DMC, it was organized by the Head of Arts and Media Anjala Nizam with help of the rest of the SU members. This successful show was a follow up of the previous talent show, as it also aimed to provide the students a platform to display their marvelous gifts and talents and share them with their friends. Like the previous year, competitions in the categories: Arts & Crafts, photography and calligraphy were held between the students, followed by an exhibition to showcase their artistic skills to the College. The entries of the competition were judged by Dr. Wafiq, Dr. Shifan and Dr. Riham. During the first half of the show, an exciting live cooking contest, the first of its kind in the history of the University, “DMC Masterchef” was held in the Cafeteria. The students were given the theme “Latin Food fusion” to prepare for, and they were given a mystery box containing surprise ingredients for them to incorporate into the dishes. The contestants competed as 4 teams of 2 students each. There was a live stream showing DMC Masterchef in the round hall so that the students got an opportunity to follow the events. The contest was judged by Dr. Nehad and Dr. Rasha. Simultaneously, a Treasure hunt was being conducted and the students formed teams of 3, to combine their talents and abilities to solve the difficult riddles that would lead them to clues distributed all over the college that would help them find the hidden treasure. At the same time, a Henna competition was also going on in block A which was evaluated by Dr. Sumbul. After that, beautiful and dazzling cultural performances were held in the round hall followed by the most exciting and awaited event of the day: The Awards Ceremony, in which the winners of all the segments of the show were awarded for their efforts and hard work.




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