Aims to bring together


Research Strategy

Research activity is integral to the function of Dubai Medical College for Girls (DMCG). For undergraduate and post-graduate education, research activity is core to our mission to deliver research-led teaching in DMCG and research driven state of the art clinical practice.

DMCG research strategy aims at:

  1. a) Developing distinctive areas of research excellence, led by different research teams that include biomedical sciences and medical education. Research should focus on challenges in health and social care encountered in UAE society, in the Middle East and worldwide.
  2. b) Promoting collaboration in research between DMCG and clinically focused organizations either nationally or internationally. It is of importance to create a research active environment among faculty and students in collaboration with staff and students from the collaborating bodies.
  3. c) Ensuring the continuity and integration of research activity, both horizontally between simultaneously active groups and projects, and vertically into future projects. This necessitates the gradual and systematic establishment of the supportive financial, equipment, statistical advisory and academic databases needed to facilitate the research activity.

Currently available themes in DMCG are: -

  • Mental health and addiction.
  • The metabolic syndrome, obesity and diabetes.
  • Gastro-intestinal and hepatic research.
  • Cancer research.
  • Medical education.

As a part of constant progress, DMCG aims to add newer Research Themes in response to recent developments in the fields of interest of the Faculty from DMCG and collaborating clinical centers, and in line with the envisaged demand and needs of the UAE and Middle East societies.

Theme Leads will be appointed according to interests and expertise within the different research active teams and may be modified as necessary and when feasible according to evidence of excellence, e.g., highly rated publications, newly developed international policies or in response to continued success of research active teams in oral presentations in international conferences or success in raising external research funds.

The research strategy also includes hosting journal club meetings to discuss selected research articles in a critical multidisciplinary environment. Meetings are open for interested Faculty and students and the articles will be made known on DMCG intranet, and on the intranet sites of the college and collaborating clinical centers well in advance of the meeting scheduled date and time.