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History of DMCG student union.

The student union is a pure student organization founded in the academic year 2000-2001.

The first union was formed by students of batches 14 & 15. Since then, it is a college custom that every year the students gather and vote to form a union that would represent them for an academic year. Each union has a validity of one academic year. After the year ends they remain in charge till the formation of a new union where they hand over their responsibility to their successors. As of date student unions have been successfully formed in DMC,each with their unique way of creativeness working for the best of the students.

DMCG's policy towards the union:

The college’s administration recognizes the student union as a legitimate body representing the student in the pre-clinical phase. They supervise and follow up on the union’s activities without direct interference with its work and also provide them with substantial moral support as long as the union continues to work within boundaries set to it. This ensures that no breach or violation of Islamic laws and moral code take place. The administration ensures appropriate elections and assigns a committee of neutral students to supervise. It also provides facilities for the activities of the union such as a place to hold their meeting and time during college hours to hold their events.


  • President                                             Alma Haian Mansour
  • Vice President                                     Rawan Ahmed Abd El-Karim Mehanna
  • Secretary                                             Lubna Husamuldeen Lutfi
  • Vice Secretary                                     Ghayoor Abdul Wahab
  • Head of Islamic Committee                Aleema Sadafa Nellikunnu Sameer
  • Head of Science Committee               Sumayya Ismail
  • Head of Arts & Media Committee     Reem Mohammad Saleem
  • Events Coordinator                             Diana Mutasem Badi Kokash






  • Members of the Election Committee
    Aeman Muhammad Asif
    Tibah Ahmad Al-Abbasi
    Shaikha Obaid AlSuwaidi
    Jomana Ben Khadra
    Lojain Abdulali AlWishah
    Zahra Hasan Ahmed Hatem


  • Members of the Election Committee
    Alreem Abdelrahman AlMarzooqi


Student Union Mission:

The main of the student union is to utilize the full abilities and skills of the student body and to bring out the best in them.

The union also aims to strongly implement sisterhood and cooperation between the students.The union places great emphasis upon extracurricular activities to make the student's life in DMC more memorable and enjoyable. They intend to create memorable activities for both the members and the student body. The union should succeed in constructing a bridge of trust between its members and the whole student body based on privacy, respect, and support to all students in an impartial and unbiased manner

Results of the Student Union Election 2016-2017:

The student union elections for the academic year of 2017/2018 took place on Monday, the 6th of March, in the Round Hall in the presence of an audience that consisted of some of our respected professors as well as the students from both 1st and 2nd years.Each one of the candidates for each one of the eight positions: Read more...


1.    Club Fair -  23/3/15
2.    Health Awareness Exhibition – 26/3/15
3.    Autism Awareness Event – 6/4/15
4.    Nobel Prize Exhibition Trip – 20/4/15
5.    Annual College Trip – 22/4/15
6.    Blood Donation Drive – 26/4/15
7.    Umrah trip – 21/5/15 to 24/5/15
8.    Yoga Session – 12/5/15
9.    Orphan Day – 18/5/15
10.    End of Year Party – 27/5/15
11.    LMS (learning management system) Briefing – 1/6/15 &2/6/15
12.    Ramadan Preparation Lecture – 7/6/15
13.    White Coat Ceremony - 6/9/15
14.    Fresher's Meet – 29/9/15
15.    Yoga Session - 4/10/15
16.    Quran Competition – 11/10/15
17.    Women's Health Awareness Exhibition - 27/10/15
18.    Flag day – 3/11/15 
19.    Sharjah Book Fair - 4/5/2015 
20.    College Trip - 24/11/15
21.    Beat Diabetes Walkathon -20/11/15 
22.     Personal  Hygiene Talk -25/11/15 
23.    National Day -30/11/15
24.    Farewell Party -23/12/15
25.    Take Care Program – 12/3/2016


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