IT VPN Access Policy

How to Connect IT VPN Access Policy

The DMC IT Department VPN Acceptable Use Policy is in place for security reasons, to protect the College's technology, data assets, and personal identifiable information in our system, it is also in place for your own protection.

The use of DMC IT VPN is only permitted for authorized College employee in the performance of College business. All requests, access, usage and connections must be approved by the Information Technology Department (IT) prior to the installation of the VPN software.

When connected to the VPN, treat the system that is making the connection as property of the College Group and as if it were physically located at College Group, even if you own the system, when connected to the VPN you are held and bound by the College Computer/Internet/Network Use Policy. The policy must be followed as long as your VPN connection is active.

You agree to keep current anti-virus software up to date in your system at all times. You agree the Department of IT will not repair or troubleshoot personal equipment.

Access to sites normally restricted or any other activity precluded by the College IT policies, are also restricted while connected to the VPN. Accessing adult-content, gambling, and other non-work-related websites and activities are prohibited. Such sites are considered a violation of the College IT Computer/Internet/Network Use Policy. Any violation will be reported to the Human Resources Department.

Your system will be subject to monitoring of all internet traffic and related activity while connected via the VPN. All attempts to access information and data while connected to the VPN might be logged.

We reserve the right to terminate active connection or accounts that are deemed to the root of fraudulent or illicit activity, pose a security risk, or are in violation of this or any associated policy, without notice to the user.

You are responsible for any unauthorized use of the system during your VPN session. You are also liable for any damages and/or disciplinary, legal, financial, or other actions that may result from such misuse and/or abuse of College VPN

Before you sell or replace any system containing the VPN software, please contact the IT Department so it could be properly removed from the machine. These procedures are for security reasons and your own protection.

Bu signing below you agree that you have read, understand and abide by the College Group VPN Acceptable Use Policy. You also acknowledge that while connected to the College VPN you are bound by College Internet/Network Use policy which you have been given a copy, have read and understand.

This policy and associated polices might be updated without notice to the user.

For question or help regarding this policy or the use of the College Group VPN please contact the Management Information Systems Department at 971-04-212066.