How to Connect to WiFi

  • Connect to DMCG
  • Visit wifi.dmcg.edu from your browser
  • Login with your DMCG credentials
  • This will generate a unique, eight character password that can be used for one device 
    • For additional devices, repeat steps for additional passwords
    • Passwords expire after 6 months. To renew, go through connection steps again for a new password
  • Once password is acquired, try to connect to the JaguarWiFi Network on the device you would like to use
  • When prompted for password, use the one you recieved from the process

Need Help? - Please contact us with any of your WiFi questions, concerns, or problems

Contacting the DMCG Help Desk

Wireless Networks at DMCG

DMCG WiFi Network (secure access)

  • The WiFi network for DMCG Students, Faculty, and Staff
  • The faster WiFi network
  • DMCG account required
  • Provides secure communication
  • Full access to campus resources
  • Device Connection Guides

DMCG WiFi Network

  • The WiFi network for DMCG campus visitors
  • No registration or login account required
  • Internet access only
  • Unencrypted WiFi Network
  • Limited bandwidth