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Adjunct Faculty Manual

What is expected from our student training:

  • Students are expected to learn through doing.
  • They are expected to attend lectures and learning activities.
  • They are expected to practice supervised the designated clinical skills per course.

Students are expected to receive effective feedback for their participation and training as follows:

  • Feedback can be given in private for each student alone
  • Feedback can be given to cover both good practices and practices that need improvement
  • We like our students to be treated with respect and to feel that feedback is done based on action and not on personality and is not personal
  • Each feedback session has to end with a student personal plan for improvement

Our students are assessed in one of three ways:

Continuous formative assessment which at the moment is done on competency AI in the form of the miniCEX forms. You are required to fill in a form on competency AI you scan the QR code and fill the formweekly.

Your student attendance will also be taken onCompetency AI.

Students also have one presentation for each student during the rotation

In PHC students also have to fill in a logbook that is managed by the head of division.

End of the rotation ( 15% of the grade) they have the end of term assessment including:

Theory and unmanned OSPE in on LMS

Clinical is in DHAHospitals/ collegein the form of OSCE on role players

End of year exam (Final exit exam) 70% of the grade

Theory (MCQs, EMQs) and OSPE in on LMS

Clinical examis in DHAHospitals/ collegein the form of OSCE on role players

Directly observed clinical cases in Rashid Hospital on real patients


How you can help

Providing study material through the LMSProviding short revision sessions before of end of year exam (final exit exam) Who are the clinical coordinators/ Clinical Admin Officers

Department Clinical Coordinator Contact Clinical Admin Officer Contact
Medicine Dr.Momna Basheer Ms. Anne Aguiar
Ms. NadineHalil
Surgery Dr.Sadiah Jamil Ms Naima El Khalfi
PHC Dr.Maha Ayman Ms. Asma Mansoor
Pediatric Dr.Iman Abdeen Ms. Eman Mostafa
Obs/Gyn Dr.Hiba Faiz Ms. Mariam Fouad

Reporting line:

All academic progress and concerns should go to division heads

Department Division Head Contact
Medicine Prof. Ali El Houni
Surgery Dr. P. Kannan
PHC Prof. Samia Farghaly
Pediatric Prof. Badriya Alawar
Obs/Gyn Pof. Raja Haqqi

Division heads are reporting to:

Chair of the clinical department
Prof. Yousef El Tayeb (Acting)

All academic issues are referred by the chair to the Associate Dean Academic Affairs
Samar Ahmed: