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Dubai Medical College for Girls is the first private college awarding a degree in medicine & surgery in the UAE. Thanks to the foresight of Haj Saeed Lootah,the college was established on Islamic principles to offer the girls in the UAE an opportunity to study medicine inside the UAE and avoid the troubles and risks of travelling abroad. Girls in the UAE were offered the chance to serve their country in the medical field and they grasped this opportunity.

Our college offers a distinguished modern medical educational program in an environment with Islamic sprit. Our teaching programs have continuously been evaluated and readjusted according to the recent advances in medical education.

The legacy of the support given to Dubai Medical College for Girls by late Chairman of the Board of trustees, Haj Saeed Bin Ahmed Lootah, may his soul rest in peace, has continued through The Saeed Ahmed Lootah Charity Foundation. In line with modern practice, Dubai Medical College for Girls embraces a system of self-learning activity, which represents the core of all recent educational philosophies. Integrated teaching programs were implemented for the pre-clinical phase which ensures a comprehensive understanding of the subjects and prepares the students for the clinical phase.

Starting from the beginning of this academic year, we are implementing a new curriculum 2+4 Doctor of Medicine (MD) program. The first two years will be dedicated to general education, succeeded by years of integrated biomedical sciences, and finally two years of clinical clerkship. The program is unique in allowing students who completed health science degrees to join the program in the third year.

Student activities have been given greater support which encourage establishing fraternity among the students and the community. The student union has been actively engaging in various activities including scientific, community, cultural, social, and sports.

We welcome all aspiring girls to join our college and benefit from our distinguished educational programs to serve the community.

Prof. Mohammed Galal El Din
Dean, Dubai Medical College for Girls