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Simulation Center

The technical Simulation Laboratory is a full-service healthcare training facility, designed to support healthcare professionals by offering the best controlled environment for practice. By exhibiting realistic hospital settings, our simulation lab is dedicated to assisting in the education of healthcare professionals and the improvement of patient care abilities and safety.


The first phase of the technical Simulation Laboratory is 3230 square foot setup covering several clinical environments. Simulation components like technology-based and Standardized Patient Program are supported throughout the brand-new construction located at the second floor of Lootah Technical Center.

Procedural Skills Lab

This space serves students enhance their psychomotor skills and clinical dexterity practicing repeatedly on task trainers, allowing them to experience self-learning and helping them to improve their readiness for an actual clinical environment.


Equipped with high-fidelity birthing manikin and high-fidelity infant manikin; in this room student will practice different scenarios of OB/GYN and Neonatology.


This space comprises both adult and pediatric multipurpose high-fidelity manikin, student will train and enhance their skills for ICU practice and emergency response.

Outpatient Clinic

In the outpatient area, students receive Standardized Patients, as in real clinic. They learn the process of examining, assessing, and treating a patient. And most importantly practice history taking, decision making and patient communication skills.

Debriefing Room

At the end of each simulation session, the instructor and the students asse their performance, reflect around their practices and elaborate about each practiced scenario in the debriefing room.

The Simulation Center is fully equipped with a cutting-edge audiovisual system, specially deigned for healthcare education purposes. This system allows the instructor and the simulation team to schedule simulation session, monitor student performance/practice, record simulation/scenarios, control all the simulation spaces, store and export all students' data for assessment and grading.


Designed to help and support the training of all healthcare professionals, the new technical simulation laboratory offers a wide range of high-fidelity patient simulators that covers most healthcare specialties alongside several task trainers that will help students practice repeatedly.


A station-based assessment center is currently under construction and will be welcoming students very soon.