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Study Skills Assessment

Self-Assessment on five areas of Academic and Research Skills:

Students when enter into higher education often overestimate their study skills and feel that that they don´t need any help. This test is designed to make students know their real potential in study skills. The test has a total of 50 questions. In the first part of the test, they will do self-assessment on five areas of academic and research skills and in the second part, they will do assessment on these five areas. Through the scores of the assessment the students will come to know their real potential in these areas. The Library instructors will receive their result and guide them accordingly. The five areas of academic and research skills are:

1. Discovering Information - Exploration of existing literature and using reliable information
2. Understanding Information- Thoughtfully handling information and applying context
3. Questioning – Continuous questioning to think critically
4. Referencing – Supporting arguments with evidence for academic writing and citing the author
5. Creating – Learning academic writing