Environment for Study


DMCG Library


The DMCG/DPCG Library aspires to support the education and research program of college of medicine and college of pharmacy with the highest standard and diversified services.


The mission of the library is to provide quality materials and services that fulfill the educational, informational, and recreational needs of the entire college students, faculty members, and other people associated with the colleges in an atmosphere that is welcoming, respectful, and user-friendly. Since its inception, the library continues to make rapid progress and now it is a premier knowledge hub equipped with the latest ICT tools and technologies.

About Library

The DMCG/DPCG Library & Learning Resource Centre (LRC) housed in LTC Building, Hall # 207 offers adequate space, conducive for study and research, accommodated individual study rooms, group study rooms, staff offices, and a seating area with ample ventilation and lighting.

Print Collection

The library’s rich print collection contains 4000+ print titles of books with multiple copies, classified and cataloged according to international norms, housed, and arranged appropriately on 35 bookshelves. The library updates its collection regularly to provide the latest resources to the students and faculty members. The library is using the Follett Destiny library management system to automate library routines and procedures like cataloging, circulation, reporting, patron management, and online public access catalog (OPAC) 24/7 availability.

Electronic Collection

The library's e-collection contains 4000+ e-books and over 2300+ e-journals. The most trusted evidence- based, physician-authored clinical decision support resources are available to assist clinicians with point-of-care decisions. Access to drug information databases and interactive tools that empower clinicians to make the best possible evidence-based drug treatments are also available.

The library has been a major source of reference for about 600 users including DMCG and DPCG students, staff, and faculty members. In addition, the library always tried to widen its scope through Inter-Library Loan agreements.

The professionally qualified staff of the library make every effort to facilitate users and are responsible for library instruction, circulation, reference, and information services. A multimedia projector is available in the library to provide library instructions, library orientations, and conduct workshops. Thirty desktop computers with internet connectivity are available for the students and faculty members to access the electronic library resources and to perform web searches to browse their required information. The library is Wi-Fi enabled for the convenience of the users to connect their Smart Phones, Laptop, and PDAs with the internet. A self-operated photocopier/printer/scanner is available for photocopying and printing services.

A summary of available resources is given below:

Print Books Titles 4000+
E-Books 4000+
E-Journals 2300+
Electronic Databases 7
Reading rooms for small group study 3
Cubicles for individual study 6
Number of seats 82
Number of desktop computers 30
Library Management System Follett Destiny (OPAC 24/7 available)
Wi-Fi Connection Available
Photocopier/Printer/Scanner Available
Multimedia projector Available

Library Working Hours

Opening hours
Monday – Thursday 07.30 am – 08.00 pm
Friday 08.00 am – 12.00 pm


Library Contacts

Librarian : Mr. Abdul Hafeez Zafar
+971 4 2120515 hafeez@dmcg.edu
Assistant Librarian : Ms. Bushra Parveen
+971 4 2120516 bushra@dmcg.edu