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Goals and Objectives

The College has drawn its goals from the general purpose behind the Creator’s creation of man, which is no other than serving Him alone. Says the Qur’an:

I did not create the genie and the man except that they should worship only Me. (51:56)

From this general principle, branches off other subsidiary goals that control the entire range of man’s actions whether they are in relation to God or other men or animals or vegetables or inanimate objects. Islamic Shariah, thus, has rules of guidance that cover all movements of man in the universe for the achievement of definite goals. Man’s endeavor to realize the general and particular goals formulated by Islam is sure to lead him to human perfection, to spiritual sublimity and material advancement. This is what has been proved by facts and confirmed by reason and the Shariah of Islam. Guided by the above mentioned goals of the Islamic Shariah, the founding fathers of the College have made a firm determination to inculcate the true educational and scientific spirit among those who avow their adherence to it, in keeping with the following goals:

Goal #1 : Enhance Student Experience and Inspiring Culture of Success.
Ensure that students are provided an atmosphere that inspires students to be global citizens and enhance their social and entrepreneurial skills in keeping with Islamic values.
Goal #2 : Be a Driver of Knowledge Economy.
Ensure that programs follow best practices and internationally accredited curriculum and assessment that emphasize on continuum of intellectual growth and personal development that will enable them to make a positive contribution to society.
Goal #3 : Prioritize Research and Innovation.
To be a center for quality research, in clinical practice, biomedical, pharmaceutical sciences & life sciences and healthcare education & management. The research is driven by what could benefit mankind nationally and internationally and will target real life health and social problems that need evidence based solutions.
Goal #4 : Develop Human Capital.
Develop and sustain well-qualified faculty with high level of commitment for excellence in health professions education. Attract good quality national and expatriates to enroll and create a unique and excellent brand name identity.
Goal #5 : Commitment for Need Based Service to Community.
Become an educational, economic and cultural partner that contributes to the human and social capital needs of the region and beyond.
Goal #6 : Enhance External Relationship and Engagement.
To work with partners to create a world-class regional innovation ecosystem to build a stronger and more constructive relationship with our local and regional community.