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MD6 Admission Important Dates

Event Date
Application Open 12th February 2024
Application Close 9th August 2024
English Proficiency Submission Deadline 9th August 2024
1st Open Day 3rd February 2024
2nd Open Day 4th May 2024
3rd Open Day 8th June 2024
First Entrance Exam & Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) 27th April 2024
First Conditional Admission Offers 9th May 2024
Second Entrance Exam & Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) 22nd June 2024
Second Conditional Admission Offers 4th July 2024
Third Entrance Exam & Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) 17th August 2024
Third Conditional Admission Offers 18th August 2024
Orientation Week 19th to 23rd August 2024
Commencement of Classes 26th August 2024

International students outside the UAE can request to take the Multiple Mini Interview and Entrance Exam online. Please contact if you need to take the MMI or Entrance exam online.