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Tuition Fees

Application Fee

  • AED 1050 (AED 1000 + 5% VAT). Non-Refundable

Tuition Fee

  • AED 126 000 (AED 120000 + 5%VAT).

Hostel Fees

  • Single Room: 15,000 AED.
  • Double Room: 12,000 AED.
  • Deluxe Room: 18,000 AED.

Transportation Fees

  • Ranges from 3000 AED to 5000 AED depending on location.

Payment Option

Fees can be paid in cash or by bank transfer and please ensure to mention your application number when making the payment at the college or on payment receipt.

ACCOUNT NUMBER 001520436533001
IBAN NUMBER AE450240001520436533001
Post your payment, proof of payment receipt with application number needs to be emailed to

Refund Policy of Tuition Fees:

Tuition fees paid are in general non-refundable unless a valid reason is provided for cancellation of admission.

The valid reasons can be: –

  • If a student is not granted a UAE Visa.
  • If the parent / guardian of the student faces sudden employment termination or visa cancellation.
  • If a candidate is granted a scholarship after the payment of Tuition fee.
  • If travel restrictions are enforced (Example during COVID pandemic).
  • If progression / resit results are delayed.
  • Other serious non-controlled reasons subject to review and approval by a task force to be formed as needed.


The refund is usually granted to a student until the end of the 2nd week after the beginning of a new academic year or semester.

Refund requests should be made at the Accounts Office through a written request along with the original fee receipt. Refunds will be made after clearance of dues, if any. The refund policy applicable is as follows:

1. If student withdraws before beginning of Academic Year or during the first 10 working days of the academic year or semester: 5% (applicable only on full tuition fees i.e., 6000 AED for MBBCh / MD program and 3000 AED for Master Program) is deducted and remaining is refunded.
2. If a student withdraws after 10 up to 30 working days of the Academic Year: 25% (applicable only on full tuition fees i.e., 31,500 AED for MBBCh / MD Program and 15,000 AED for Master Program) is deducted and remaining is refunded.
3. If a student withdraws after 30 working days, there is no refund.
4. Hostel and Transportation fees are refunded based on pro-rata on a full monthly basis, not per day. (Month fraction is considered as a full month).

Refunds will be via Cheque to the same payer (student’s parent / guardian / sponsor) bank account and not given in cash.

The following are non-refundable:

  • Application fee and Seat reservation fee
  • Full tuition fee in case of dismissal for disciplinary reasons


Tuition Fee Installments

  • All students are expected to pay the annual tuition fees as per published dates set by the Accounts Department.
  • Tuition fees can be paid in full amount or in a maximum of four installments (two per semester). For installments, post-dated Cheques are required to be submitted.
  • Student or Parent can request to pay the amount with an installment plan to be approved by the Finance Manager.

Scholarship and Discounts

DMCG is keen to attract talented students and support their educational journey, so we will offer Merit Scholarship, and discounts to students as per criteria published.

Merit Scholarship for MBBCh / MD Program

DMCG supports excellence and hence the top three students from each batch will be awarded 30% discount on annual Tuition Fees. For new students, the top three ranked students (based on admission criteria) will be chosen and if one student declines the offer the next student on the ranked list gets the merit scholarship. For returning students the top three students as per end of academic year transcript percentage or GPA are given the Merit Scholarship. For students in clinical years, the ranking will be based on end of rotation of year four.

External Scholarships

Students can also be enrolled at DMCG and receive external scholarships. Sponsoring entities would pay the students fees and other expenses as per their agreement with the student. Students or sponsors are required to provide DMCG Student Affairs and Finance department a written confirmation of the sponsorship or scholarship letter or agreement with the student. DMCG is required to provide the sponsor with student transcripts, attendance records and invoices directly without prior notice to the student. If a student loses a scholarship, they are required to pay all pending fees to DMCG.


1. Siblings Discount
Siblings enrolled at DMCG are eligible for a 15% discount on tuition fee only and are eligible for the second student that joins the program. Once the first student graduates the discount ceases and the student pay the whole tuition fee. This is not applicable for transportation or hostel fees.

2. Employee´s discount
Children of DMCG faculty, staff and adjunct faculty are eligible for a 15% discount on Tuition annual fees.