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14th Feb 2019


By: Arshiya Adhnon

On May 12th, 2018, Dubai Medical College for Girls hosted an American Sign Language Workshop, accredited by the Ministry of U.A.E. It was conducted by Mr. John Kirkbright (trainer and facilitator in communication and interpersonal skills)

, Mr. Sadath Kola and Mrs.Rubina Kola (ASL native speakers and trainers).

The audience comprised of students from 4 medical colleges in the U.A.E- Dubai Medical College for Girls, University of Sharjah, MBRU and RAKHMSU. conducted in the round hall, Dr. Hafez, Prof. of Biochemistry, DMCG kindly consented to supervise the event. The event was co-hosted by DMCG-SU, Head of Science, Arshiya Adhnon and Hind Alhalyan, Treasurer, DMCG-SU.

After a brief introduction on sign language given by Arshiya Adhnon, Mr. John Kirkbright spoke on “The importance of Sign Language for Deaf People in hospitals and Clinics”. This title was developed throughout the session with explanations and audience participation. Under this theme, the following topics were dealt by him:

  • What is the Deaf Community?
  • How do adults communicate?
  • How do babies communicate?
  • Showing how sign language is formed

This was followed by teaching of ASL by Mr. and Mrs. Kola along with Mr. Kirkbright who served as an ASL interpreter as Mr. and Mrs. Kola are speech and hearing disabled. They dealt with:

  • Learning the manual alphabet in American Sign Language
  • Useful signs for social communication
  • Useful signs for medical situations
  • Questions – who/where/how/why/when/how much/how many?
  • Numbers from 0 – 10

This was followed by an interactive session with the audience who were split into two groups and their knowledge of the above tested as a team.

The event concluded with tokens of appreciation being presented by our hosts to our guest speakers. All the guest speakers and attendees were awarded ministry accredited certificates. As always, this event was made possible due to the tireless efforts of the Student Union.