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30th Oct 2023

Breast Cancer Awareness Lecture at the Arab Unity School

In a world where knowledge is power, educational institutions play a vital role in nurturing young minds. On October 30, 2023, the Arab Unity School took a significant step towards promoting health awareness by hosting an event focused on breast cancer education along with the Community Engagement Unit of Dubai Medical College for Girls.

Dr. Hiba Faiz, delivered an informative presentation titled "Introduction to Breast Cancer." The session was made engaging through the use of a comprehensive video demonstration, ensuring that young minds were well-versed in the subject. Her audience consisted of students from grades 7 and 8.

Following this Dr. Ruth Cockerill took the stage to address the older students in grades 9, 10, and 11 on the topic "Understanding Breast Health and Early Detection of Breast Cancer”. She covered the signs and symptoms of breast cancer and conducted a practical breast self-examination on a mannequin.

DMCG CEU extend their sincere gratitude to the Arab Unity School for providing us with a platform for such an essential discussion.

The unit would also want to express our appreciation to Dr. Hiba Faiz and Dr. Ruth Cockerill, for their invaluable contributions. Special thanks to Dr. Rawan Ahmed for her exceptional assistance and meticulous arrangements that made this breast cancer awareness lecture an undeniable success.