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23rd Dec 2023

Our Emirates We Plant - EEG OROC Project

It was an amazing experience for Dubai Medical College for Girls to plant a tree in Ajman National Reserve in association with the Emirates Environmental Group - One Root One Communi-Tree Project on 23rd December 2023 . The theme for the event was - For Emirates We Plant. This reminds us of our responsibility to the community and importance's of creating a greener tomorrow.

On the 23rd, Dr. Nujood Alshirawi and Faatimah Maryam Muzammil represented the DMCG to plant a tree with countless other universities, schools, organizations and individuals. To receive this wonderful opportunity of planting a tree, we collected 145kg of plastic for recycling. Fathima Hana Naushad lead this category. From our college - we also participated in the paper, plastic, glass, cans and mobile phones.

The campaign was expertly supervised by Dr. Dina Mohammed Salah, Dr. Iman Irfan Abdeen, Dr. Amina Begum, Dr. Afrah Ghayoor and Dr. Nujood Alshirawi along with DMCG's amazing students - Laweezah Arif Zulquarnain, Fathima Hana Mohamed Naushad, Anaam Parveen, Reda Iqbal, Maryam Mohammed Rahmatullah & Faatimah Maryam Muzammil.

Article written by Faatimah Maryam Muzammil.