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30th Jan 2024

Volunteering for Horse Riding Program with People of Determination

It was a fulfilling collaboration as Dubai Medical College for Girls (DMCG) Volunteers joined hands with the Nabdh Al Emarat Volunteer Team for the Horse-Riding program catered to the Children of Determination (Ministry of Community Development and CDA Dubai). This was done under the guidance of the Community Engagement Unit in DMCG. This event's main aim was to bring joy to the children by letting them experience horse riding.

The DMCG Volunteers, which were comprised mainly of students from Batch 35, showed enthusiasm and willingness which helped make this volunteering activity a resounding success. On January 30th, the volunteers of Dubai Medical College for Girls dedicated their time and efforts to assist the children of determination while displaying humility and nobility throughout the event. It was a remarkable and memorable experience for all participants.

This campaign is running from 8th Jan to 8th March and is hosted by Nabdh Al Emarat Volunteer Team. Dr. Nujood AlShirawi, Head of the Community Engagement Unit, was the supervisor of the event. The unit considers involvement in such outstanding initiatives as a testament to the significance of community service and collective well-being. As we persist in seizing such opportunities, we look forward to exploring additional avenues to make meaningful contributions to our community.