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28th Feb 2024

Antimicrobial Stewardship Program (ASP) and antimicrobial resistance (AMR) awareness week at DMCG

The Antimicrobial Stewardship Program (ASP) and antimicrobial resistance (AMR) awareness week was held in DMCG on the week of the 5th of February 2024. A week full of various activities including a poster competition, debate competition between DMCG and DPCG, interactive Instagram trivia and the main ASP and AMR event in the round hall, which all together proved to be a huge success.

The ASP team, headed by Aisha Ismail, student of batch 34, DMC under the mentorship of Dr. Eslam El Nebrisi, organized this event to raise awareness about the lurking threat of AMR, not just in the UAE, but around the globe. A collaborative effort between DPCG and DMCG along with various faculty members, as well as the community engagement unit headed by Dr. Nujood AlShirawi ensured the success of this event.

The week kickstarted with the announcement of the poster competition titled "Preserving Tomorrow: A Call to Action Against Antibiotic Resistance" to raise awareness about AMR and encourage responsible antibiotic prescribing and usage. 10 teams were selected from DPCG and DMCG. The posters were then judged by our external guests, Dr Najiba and Dr Layla, and the winners were announced on the event day. Students from DMCG, batch 34, claimed both the second and third positions. Al Maha Khalid, Khadija Abdulla, Reem Abdalla, and Maria Hasani secured third place, whereas Suhaila Ahmed, Adiba Valeed, Sarah Fadhil, and Maya Ahmed secured second place. Students from DPC- Reham Al Abdulla, Hana Yahya and Mona Anwar - won first place for the best poster. All the winners were awarded prizes and certificates were given to all participants.

Furthermore, a debate competition was held on the 6th of February 2024 in the round hall where the DPC team and DMCG team intensely debated on the topic - “Antibiotics without prescription: Should they be more strictly regulated to prevent misuse and resistance?” An intellectually thought- provoking debate, both teams raised excellent points to support their positions. After an exciting and heated debate between the two teams, the DPC were declared the winners of the competition. The panel of judges for our debate competition comprised of - Prof. Tasneem Sandozi, Dr Sumbal Riaz and Prof. Bazigha K. Abdul Rasool.

Finally, on the 7th of February 2024, the main ASP awareness event was held in the round hall from 9:00am to 12:00 pm. All Students from DMCG (year 3 and above) and DPC (year 3 and 4) were invited to join the session. The event was started by an introductory speech by Prof Yousif Eltayeb, Dean of DMCG. Our guest speakers, Dr. Najiba Abdulrazzaq, Dr. Nehad Al-Shirawi, Dr. Zulfa AL Deesi and Dr. Layla AL Dabal, then conducted informative and engaging talks on AMR, infection control and the importance of ASP. An exciting and timed trivia on Blooket, at the end of all the sessions, put our audience at the edge of their seats. The winning student was Seba Saleh from Batch 35. The event was concluded by insightful speeches by Dr. Eslam and Aisha Ismail, describing their journey to the discovery of the topic and why they felt the need to raise awareness for it.