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5th Mar 2020

Dubai Medical College for Girls contributes to the Emirates Family Medicine Society Congress

A proud moment for DMCG as Three posters were lined up and submitted by our final year DMCGians at the 3rd edition of the Emirates Family Medicine Society Congress, held from 9 to 11 January 2020, at the Intercontinental Dubai Festival City, UAE.

The first poster “Germ Cell Tumor presenting with precocious puberty in a girl in UAE” was made by Nadia Nadeem, Dana Yasin, Aeman Muhammad Asif in collaboration with Dr. Asim Rana, and Dr. Hani Humad, Dubai Hospital, Dubai, UAE
The poster is reporting a case of mixed germ cell tumor presenting with precocious puberty and it concludes that careful initial surgery with adequate staging biopsies followed by combination chemotherapy and endocrinological evaluation and treatment can greatly improve the prognosis of these patients as was seen in this child’s management.

The second poster: “Millennials in Medicine” was made by Fathima Murthuza, Madiha Akbar, Aeman Muhammad Asif, and Fatima Refaat, under the supervision of Dr. Rasha El-Deeb, associate professor of physiology, DMCG. This poster addressed the generational divide between millennials and previous generations through opening conversation about strategies adopted by both sides in the work environment to bridge the generational gap.

The third poster: “Presentation of a Brugada Syndrome in a Young Male” was made by Juwairiya Iqbal and Fathima Murthuza.
This poster discussed Brugada syndrome, which is a rare arrrythmogenic genetic disorder. It presents with syncope and fatal arrthymias. It can be diagnosed with ECG. The poster aimed at increasing awareness of the specific ECG pattern as well as diagnostic criteria in order for physicians to refer such patients for prompt further evaluation”