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29th Dec 2020

Virtual UAE National Day

In the midst of a global pandemic, if you ever wondered how an institution can bring people together to celebrate one of the biggest holidays of the year whilst maintaining safe social distance, think no more!
On 30th November 2020, DMCG had organized its very first, yet immensely successful, virtual celebration of the UAE National Day.

Organized by the Student Union, the event welcomed excited members of the DMCG faculty and students of the preclinical batches. Special crafted Zoom virtual backgrounds were prepared audience and volunteers, unifying in the celebrations.

The occasion began with a heartfelt recitation of the Quran, followed by the UAE National Anthem. To ignite excitement, an adrenaline-pumping UAE Quiz challenged the audience of their knowledge about the UAE. Capturing splendor, majestic beauty and heritage, a Photo contest of ‘Your Favorite UAE memory’ demonstrated DMCG’s photographic talent whilst the Henna Design contest showcased artistic aptitude – each organized respectively by the Art & Media Club and Happiness Club Heads. Entries were polled by audiences live and the hosts, Misbah Yasin and Tasnima Tayb of Batch 34, encouraged a lively progression.

Following the National Bake Design Showcase, exhibiting delicious UAE-themed treats created by staff and students, was the memorable Poetry Slam Contest. Staged by the Book Club and judged by Dr. Hiba Ismail and Head of Book Club, Maryam Sayeed B34, beautiful performances of poetry dedicated to memories of the UAE were witnessed.

Moreover, an innovative and unique Virtual Art Exhibition – Kuntsmatrix, designed by Jaseena Shajahan B35 and Adiba Valeed B34, exhibited submissions from students and doctors in a 3D platform – truly a treat to the eye!

Rounding up the ceremony, an exciting Scavenger Hunt at Home designed to challenge wits and work the muscles was conducted. Created by Sarah Masood and Manal Saleem of B35 and Saima Haque, B34, it teamed DMCG faculty and students in an exhilarating race-against-time to unlock a series of riddles about UAE.

The event ended successfully with the announcement of winners of the various contents and commendable feedback from the participants.

We look forward to more such fun and enthusiastic events in the future.

-Suhaila Ahmed (Batch 34) and Tasnima Tayb (SU Vice President, Batch 34)