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12th Sep 2022

New teachers induction workshop

The 'New teachers Workshop' was conducted on 3rd and 4th of September 2022, at Rashed Hospital to understand the principle of learning, teaching and students' assessment. Pre-clinical and clinical from DMCG attended the workshop in which many interactive sessions were conducted by Prof. Abdelmonein S. Almardi, Dr. Shifan Khanday, Dr. Rasha Eldeeb and Dr. Eslam ElNebrisi.

The teacher induction program aimed to provide a systematic structure of support for DMCG teachers and to improve practice, learn professional responsibilities and ultimately positively affect student learning.

In addition to providing support to beginning teachers, these programs allowed teachers to reflect upon practice and united the learning community towards improving the quality of education. the Induction program also fostered a collaborative learning community for all educators and around 120 attendees from the full time and part time DMCG faculty members attended the sessions over 2 days. The sessions were interactive with multiple discussions and Q&A activities. The post workshop evaluation showed a high satisfaction rate.