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3rd Nov 2022

Dubai Police Collaboration

In alignment with DMCG’s goals of enhancing external relationships and engagement, DMCG’s Non- Arabic Speakers had the opportunity to Visit Dubai Police Officers’ Club in a brain storming session in collaboration with Dubai Police Scholars' Council in the aim of enhancing communication, security, policing, community, and cultural cohesion.

DMCG volunteering students are now members of the International Students Committee in Dubai Police, they benefited from Dubai Police lieutenants’ explanations about their roles & work, learned more about Dubai Police new applications, and participated in a brainstorming session where they expressed their ideas and needs as college students.

The students also observed how police officers work in the control room, visited the Innovation lab containing drones and other engineering equipment, along with visiting the R&D lab open to any kind of researches related to Dubai Police.

The event has been coordinated via Student Affairs - Student Counselling Services.