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9th Mar 2023

Volunteering Stories - World Kidney Day

On March 9th , the Interntional World Kidney Day DMCG volunteered with Emirates Medical Association for Nephrology & Transplantation Society (EMANT) team. The campaign aimed to promote awareness about maintaining healthy kidney function & the impact of kidney-related disease. 

DMCG students were assigned to educate the visitors attending the nephrology clinic at Dubai Hospital in Dubai & Sheikh Khalifa Medical City in Ajman. 
The mission was to raise awareness about basic kidney health, function, and disease using an interactive kiosk game station, which was organized by EMANT and NTAM. This innovative approach enabled students to interact with visitors and educate them about the significance of maintaining good kidney health.

DMCG extends a special thanks you to EMANT team - @emiratednephrologysociety - Dr. Mona Al-Rukhaimi and Dr.Shaikha Ali for their great effort in enforcing public awareness along with ntam team - @ntaminfo. 
 Dr.Sahar Helmi Abdel Maqsoud for her continuous support & 
The Community Engagement Unit of DMCG for facilitating the opportunity.