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6th Dec 2018



Report done by: Ammara Shakil

Addiction Awareness Day was held on 15th November, 2018 in the round hall. The main objective of the event was to spread awareness about addiction among medical students and faculty as well as secondary school students. To accomplish the objective, about 10-12 secondary school students from New Academy School along with their teacher and all medical faculty staff and students at DMCG were invited. Awareness team of Erada Center for Treatment and Rehabilitation of addiction were also invited. The event was hosted and organized by Community Medicine Department with the great help of the Student Union of DMCG. It began with the introduction speech which was followed by presentation on Drug Driving by Year 2 students, Amena Begum and Haala Mashood. Then, Dr. Maged Agour from the Erada Center gave an overview on substance abuse, disorder presentation and management. This was followed by an interactive presentation by Dr. Sahar AbdelMaqsoud which focused on School based education for drug abuse prevention. To elaborate upon drug refusal skills, Rihab Farooq, Ammara Shakil, Shiza Wajih and Aliya Habib present a short roleplay demonstrating good and bad refusal skills to drugs, cigarettes, etc. The event ended with an interesting Question and Answer session headed by a panel consisting of Dr. Sahar AbdelMaqsoud , Dr. Maged Agour , Dr. Samiah Farghaly and Dr. Shefaa Gawish. The members from Erada Center also brought goody bags with them which were handed out to all attendees by the members of the DMCG Student Union.

Photo Credit- Anjala Nizam  

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