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23rd May 2023

One Root One Communi-tree Campaign at DMCG

The Community Engagement Unit in Dubai Medical College for Girls participated in the Emirates Environmental Group’s “One Root One Communi-tree” (OROC) campaign. OROC is a nationwide initiative aimed at promoting sustainable development and environmental protection in the UAE. The project has several categories, including paper, plastic, glass, aluminum, and mobile phones, and encourages individuals and organizations to collect and recycle waste materials. 

This campaign was run in light of the year 2023 being of great importance to the UAE as it prepares to host the United Nations Conference of the parties (COP 28). Global leaders, international environmental bodies, and media are expected to collaborate and come together, to ensure the future of this planet and that all biodiversity is sustainable. EEG’s OROC project is a prime example of people working together toward the achievement of environmental sustainability.  

Our faculty, staff, and students ardently contributed and led this campaign from January 23rd to May 23rd, 2023. Among them, the OROC Project’s Student Volunteer Coordinator was Faatimah Maryam Muzammil from Batch 34. Each respective category was led by a student volunteer and team supervisor from the faculty.  

The plastic team was led by Dr. Dina and Fathima Hana Naushad. The paper team was led by Dr. Iman and Laweezah Arif. The glass team was led by Dr. Amina and Anaam Parveen. The aluminium cans team was led by Dr. Afrah and Reda Iqbal. The mobile phones category was led by Dr. Nujood and Maryam Rahmatullah. 

With their collective efforts in each category, they collected and recycled considerable amounts of waste to help the environment and contribute to the campaign. The plastic category with its commendable efforts met the target that was proposed. This accomplishment has earned us the opportunity to plant a tree as part of the "For Our Emirates We Plant" initiative on the 23rd of December 2023. Furthermore, the EEG has commended this achievement with a certificate. In the near future, DMCG is eager to participate in such events and campaigns, promoting a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable future.

We extend our gratitude and applause to each team for their efforts and to the main supervisor Dr. Nujood Alshirawi and student volunteer coordinator Faatimah Maryam.