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1st May 2023

MoHAP's National Blood Pressure Screening Campaign - MMM'23

The Community Engagement Unit of DMCG participated in MoHAP's National Blood Pressure Campaign - MMM'23. A team of 100 volunteers from DMCG & DPCG were part of this amazing initiative. The campaign started with detailed online training from MoHAP's team, followed by in-person training from the Life Pharmacy & Tristers team. The volunteers for the campaign received hands-on training sessions conducted by Prof. Samia Farghaly.

On May 1st, 2023, MMM'23 was officially launched, and the Community Engagement Unit took charge, organizing multiple successful campaigns across Dubai, targeting various locations to reach a wide audience. Notably, two impactful campaigns were conducted at the RTA Dubai Taxi Center, followed by two additional campaigns at Dulsco Camps. The team also collaborated with Apollo Clinic to celebrate Women's Health Week, conducting a two-day blood pressure campaign.

The relentless efforts and hard work of the DMCG & DPCG volunteers led to remarkable achievements in the MMM'23 campaign. Surpassing the set target of 2000 blood pressure readings and delivered a grand total of over 3700 readings. This outstanding success showcases the dedication of the volunteers and their commitment in promoting public health within the community.

The exceptional success of the MMM'23 Blood Pressure Campaign is a testament to the unwavering commitment and tireless efforts of the team. The unit extends its sincere gratitude to MoHAP's team, the DPCG Community Engagement Unit, and all the supervisors of DMCG for their invaluable contributions in making this campaign a resounding success.

Together, they have fostered a healthier community and inspired others to prioritize their cardiovascular well-being.